Meet Our Collaborative Healers

Lauren Awerdick


Lauren Awerdick Green

Co-Founder of Wildling Wellness

Founder of Willow Wisp Wellness

With a childhood steeped in the magic and the medicine of plants, nature, elementals, and energies/vibrations; Lauren has grown in her experience, study, and practice to host a multitude of Wellness and wHOLIstic based modalities that aide the body in its natural ability to heal.  Her philosophy is that: "each body is its own Universe with its own ecology.  The body IS the temple, The Kingdom, The Universe in micro, a reflection of the macro.  Within it are oceans, and rivers, land masses and living organisms; along with lifetimes of experiences, memories, and wisdom.  How we choose to show up for ALL of OUR-SELF shifts things; like a current or a breeze.  It is our responsibility (as individuals) to maintain its balance, nurture its growth, and give it unconditional love." says Green.  "This is a core belief in my practice and I do my best to hold a space of integrity around it.  Sessions and services are co-crafted to bring each client I have the pleasure and honor of working with to that place/space within where the body begins its process of healing."

Lauren's Offerings

Integrative Apothecary & Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage

BodyWise Meditation

Seasonal Realignment Sessions

Multidisciplinary Energy Work

Flower Essence Therapy 

Sacred Self-Care Tool Crafting 

Sound Bathing and Resonance Healing

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Contact Information for Lauren

Work Cell - 914.534.1294

Work Tel - 914.930.7707


Lauren and Kendra


  Lauren Awerdick Green 

Kendra Valentine Rossney

Co-Founders of Wildling Wellness

Kendra Valentine


Kendra Valentine

Co-Founder of Wildling Wellness

Founder of Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Studio

For as long as Kendra can remember, she has felt connected to the universal flow of life, creation, and collective consciousness.  Her first introduction to energy work at the tender age of 5, was under the watchful eye and guidance of her Grandmother, Petra Valentine, who herself was a powerful and connected medium and healer.  Kendra's gift of energy work and intuitive healing have been present her whole life and she is passionate about and dedicated to learning and expanding further into the magic of this life.

"My core belief is that we are connected to everyone and everything.  That we co-create our world with the energy around us and with what we put out and ingest.  Every thought, word, and action has a ripple effect and will have an impact much further reaching than the limitations of our human mind may be able to comprehend.  We are all in this together - ALL living things," says Kendra.

Kendra's Offerings

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing with Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Readings 

Energy Balancing 

House Clearings 

Private Yoga Sessions

Ordained Minister

Spiritual and Life Coach

Contact Information for Kendra

Work Cell - 914.886.8819

Work Tel - 914.930.7707


Chrizza Venturina


Chrizza Venturina  is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Guide & Jewelry Artist which makes her have a natural and intuitive connection to the physical body and the deeper levels of energy.  Through her own journey with energy, crystals, meditation and spirituality, Chrizza has become adept with listening and tuning into energies, whether it may be with crystals, with the physical body, and/or with thoughts and statements.

Chrizza's offerings invite you to experience a shift in your awareness, perspective and consciousness.  She offers 'medicines' or tools that supports your empowerment to connect within and trust your intuition.

Chrizza's Offerings:

Integrated Massage Therapy

Crystal Breathwork Healing

Breathwork Massage 

Crystal Medicine Integration Sessions

Breathwork Guidance Sessions

Discover your Soul Signature

Handcrafted Crystal Totem Jewelry

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Sarah Calandra Fine


Sarah  Calandra Fine is a graduate of the Fingerlakes School of  Massage. After a seven year career teaching yoga, and its sister science  Ayurveda, Sarah felt called to pursue knowledge in other methods of the  healing arts. Now, Sarah integrates her intuitive understandings of  yoga and Ayurveda into her massage therapy, resulting in a comprehensive  and carefully curated palliative experience. She is dedicated to  facilitating holistic treatment, and passionate about what she does. S

Elaine Gartner, CFR


Face reading, in its many iterations, has fascinated Elaine for over 15  years. Grateful for having studied with and been mentored by the  modern-day leaders in Chinese face reading, Oriental diagnosis,  behavioral genetics, and general physiognomy, she decided to strike out  on her own in 2017 and become a certified face reader and face reading  teacher.  Ever a student of holistic  health and wellness, she feels that truly knowing yourself is the first  step on the path to healing. And Face Reading is one of the simplest,  yet most profound tools that she has encountered for this purpose.    

In alignment with this course of study, the dimple at the end of her  nose certainly speaks to the myriad occupations she has held throughout  her life: certified reflexologist; children's author; ESL tutor; event  planner; literary agent assistant; and, finally, mom to two rambunctious  twin boys.

Her offerings are: Full Face Reading Report, Romantic Compatibility Report & Career Priorities Report

Contact Info:
Phone: (845) 581-0076 

Sara Somerville


 Sara  Somerville is a Consulting Hypnotist and a member of the National Guild  of Hypnotists, and the International Association of Counselors &  Therapists. Sara came out of the corporate world and after successfully  battling breast cancer decided that she wanted to spend her time helping  others. She was trained by Paul Aurund at the Holistic Healing Center  in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Sara is also  certified in Regression Therapy by the Weiss Institute. (She trained  with Dr. Brian Weiss, author of many books, including “Many Lives, Many  Masters”.)

Sara uses traditional hypnosis along with Parts  Therapy and Interactive Guided Imagery to help people who want to  resolve specific issues or overcome fears or addictions.  She has  medical training and experience and helps people with many other issues.

Sara has a private practice in Westchester County and is a frequent  speaker and workshop leader for corporations and groups. She is the  resident Hypnotist at a well know Eating Disorder and Treatment Center  and was the Smoking Cessation Specialist for the Visiting Nurse Services  in Westchester for over 15 years. She has a particular interest in  working with women who have been through the trauma of a cancer  diagnosis.

Sara Oppenheim-Somerville, CHt
Tel: 914.862.2354