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Positive Experiences and Connections. 

Oneness of the Universe

All our dedicated practitioners and healers bring a unique set of  skills and experience to their practice. Due to our expertise and value  of different approaches, we can facilitate the best care and natural  healing solutions for all. Explore the multitude of exceptional healing  and natural medicine services our practitioners offer and how it can  support your desired healing

Massage Therapy

Reap the benefits of our innate amalgamation of deep tissue  therapeutic massage along with bodywork, and energy healing to unwind  yourself. Calm your body and channel your negative energy out of  existence with our massage therapy services


The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei), which means  “Universal Life” and (Ki), which means “Energy.” Reiki is a subtle and  effective form of energy healing using spiritually guided life force  energy. Canal your inner energy and chakra with our dedicated individual  Reiki sessions

Sound Healing

The healing power of sound is an integral part of the natural healing  process at Wildling Wellness. Through our ambient and resonating sounds  infused with healing frequencies, we help our clients achieve peace,  well-being, and tranquility

Energy Healing

Energy medicine is a method to transmit healing energy to patient’s  body through the hands of a practitioner to restore or balance the  body’s energy field for better health. Via our energy healing services,  you can harmonize your mind, body, and spirit collectively

Intuitive Readings

Most of the intuitive reading sessions deliver us in-depth  information about a person’s soul and its journey. These readings are  based on the tapping of different dimensions of consciousness while  reading subtle energy cruxes. Our practitioners’ definite strengths  enable them to use their gifts for betterment of others

Medium Sessions

Medium sessions provide insight, guidance, as well as inspiration in  every area of your life. These medium sessions connect souls to receive  messages from your loved ones on the other side of the realm. Messages  can be received due to the oneness of everything in this universe

Private Yoga

Our private yoga session enables you the focus on your interests,  goals, and issues through the combination of various maneuvers and  exercises. Our dedicated and private lessons allow the client to set  specific goals and plans and achieve holistic healing via meditation and  yoga

Earth-Based Natural Medicine 

At Wildling Wellness, we help you find the root cause of your energy  blocks and help you heal naturally through incorporating the most  effective, earth-based natural medicines from the forests and the  oceans. We combine old medicines with the wisdom of the body to help you  achieve wellness

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